E-Books for free: For example George Orwell’s “Aninal Farm”, “1984”,…

October 23, 2007

Here you can find many books and essays of George Orwell for free, like “Animal Farm”, “1984”, “Homage to Catalonia”, “Burmese Days” and many more… and the best of it is: it’s completely legal! Guys like Archimedes, Aristoteles you can find everywhere in the web, but a good site for searching is this, the website of the university of Adelaide. And in general, if you have lot’s of freetime:


And the german site “Project Gutenberg“, named after Johannes Gutenberg, who is credited with inventing movable type printing in Europe in 1439.  The “Project Gutenberg” includes over 20000 free e-books, for example “The history of the United States” by Charles Beard.

I hope you will enjoy reading !