How to install a .bin-file (Linux/Ubuntu)

January 5, 2008

At first you have to open a terminal/bash and then enter:

file /path/file.bin

for example file /home/user/file.bin (file is the command)

Now you should see a sentence including the word “executable” and not “non-executable, not executable,… or something completely different)

If you do not see “executable,…)” the file is probably an cd-image(BIN/CUE) and not an executable .bin-file

Now enter:

chmod +x file.bin

No path! Just the name of the file!!! Now the file is executable…

Last step: Type in


, for example /home/user/file.bin and the file will be executed…


.ace-File unter Ubuntu entpacken

January 3, 2008

1.Per Synaptic-Paketverwaltung “unace” installieren(eventuell vorher “mulitverse” als Paketquelle einbinden)

2.Terminal öffnen

3. unace e /pfad/datei.ace ins Terminal eintippen

also zum Beispiel: unace e /home/usr/paket.ace

4.Return drücken, jetzt müsste im gleichen Verzeichnis die entpackte Datei liegen

Wenn ein Fehler aufaucht, wie etwa File compressed with unknown method. Decompression not possible.”, muss vermutlich noch unace-nonfree per Paketverwaltung nachinstalliert werden!

Danach das Ganze wiederholen…

How to unzip/unrar a .rar-file without winrar

January 2, 2008

This is quite simple when using Windows:

Get 7-zip

This small program is open-source, you do not have to register it, it provides the same services as winrar and it even offers encryption(do not rely on that, use truecrypt for high security tasks…).

Problem solved.