How to install a .bin-file (Linux/Ubuntu)

At first you have to open a terminal/bash and then enter:

file /path/file.bin

for example file /home/user/file.bin (file is the command)

Now you should see a sentence including the word “executable” and not “non-executable, not executable,… or something completely different)

If you do not see “executable,…)” the file is probably an cd-image(BIN/CUE) and not an executable .bin-file

Now enter:

chmod +x file.bin

No path! Just the name of the file!!! Now the file is executable…

Last step: Type in


, for example /home/user/file.bin and the file will be executed…


23 Responses to How to install a .bin-file (Linux/Ubuntu)

  1. anon says:

    ****@bl4ckb0x:/home/hoax/Desktop# chmod +x yumatu.bin
    ****@bl4ckb0x:/home/hoax/Desktop# /home/hoax/Desktop/yumatu.bin
    bash: /home/hoax/Desktop/yumatu.bin: cannot execute binary file

  2. Darkfena313 says:

    this did work for me at all.

  3. Jesse says:

    These steps worked for me

    jesse@jesse-ubuntu:~/Desktop$ /home/jesse/Desktop/GoogleEarthLinux.bin
    Verifying archive integrity… All good.
    Uncompressing Google Earth for GNU/Linux 4.3.7204.836……………………………………………………..

  4. orfintain says:


  5. emilius says:

    after the first line i got ( POSIX shell script text executable )
    since there was” executable” i put in the second line and got ( acces denied )
    have to say i am a novice in linux

  6. Rodrigo says:

    Didn’t work for me. I had to do this:
    file /path/file.bin (i’m not shure if this line is necessary)
    chmod +x /path/file.bin
    Helped anyway. Thanks!

  7. chris says:

    Worked a treat! Thanks

  8. Mujahid says:

    Thanks for the help
    I am new to linux and this tutorial helped me a lot

    thanx again

  9. Pitt says:

    Cheers mate! worked!

  10. John says:

    for my plugin to install I had to type the following:

    sudo ./filename.bin

    Worked fine

  11. Mohamed Saleh says:

    Thanks a lot it’s working jesse

  12. Conrad says:

    Thanks! I always forget how to do this!

  13. Ovi says:

    bash file.bin

  14. orgio says:


  15. Toby says:

    When i do this it says there is no such file or directory when i know that there is. i’m really confused

  16. Barn says:

    Yes it works! Thank you.

  17. mickser says:

    yes but WHY? I mean can’t we just have an installation file like in windoze and snapple? click and install…..why the song and dance?

  18. if the last step didn’t work,
    exec /path/filename.bin
    (just providing the path didn’t work for me. first 2 steps worked fine)

  19. Rob says:

    Try #./Filename

    even if you are in the same directory #Filename may not work

  20. Xerox says:

    Thanxman, you helped me out a lot.just oneprob though… thelast step you must put a dot before the file path before it will execute

  21. kees says:

    This worked for me
    great post thanks man

  22. Bobby says:

    For those that have a POSIX .bin executable downloaded from the internet.

    Simply “sh ./example.bin” to install! (/w no quotes)

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