Relakks and Ubuntu(Gnome):

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon, using Network Manager:

You have to install the following packages(programms and libaries), you can use synaptic oder terminal:

-Network Manager (should already be installed)





Normally, with Network Manager installed, you shuld see some health bar or a “plug”-symbol in the right upper corner auf your desktop.

If you left-click on it, you will see your normal connections,… and beneath that “VPN-connections”

I first wanted to provide screenshots, but i have the german Ubuntu-version and so I think it would be more confusing than useful…

So you go to “VPN-coonections” and then click on “Configure VPN” ,

choose under “connect with” pptp-tunnel not Compatible Cisco…, otherwise it won’t work!

Then a new window opens, where you can configure you’re vpn-connection:

Under connection you should choose:

Connection Name: Relakks
Type: Windows (VPN) PPTP

Under authencication just check “Refuse EAP”, nothing else and under “Compression and encryption” just

“Require 128 bit MPPE encryption”

Under PPP-Options you should check “Use Peer DNS” and ” Exclusive Device Access (UUPC Style lock)” and

MTU 1400
MRU 1416
lcp-echo-failure 10
lcp-echo-interval 10

Under routing check check “Peer DNS through tunnel”

Normally you should not even have to restart, just go to “VPN-connections” and click on “Relakks”, type in username and password and there you go…

Wireless connections works fine for me, but i’ve heard of many people having problems, i’m sorry, but i won’t be able to help you there…

Sometimes you receive the error message:

“VPN Connection failed”, this has normally nothing to do with your configurations, but with Relakks itself, who is often overburdened(you cannot expect anything else for only 5 euros a month). Just try again and again, an hour later,…, this error never occured to me in the morning, but only in the evening, when many people are online!


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