How to mount a truecrypt-volume in linux/ubuntu

That’s quite easy:

truecrypt -M “rw,sync,utf8,uid=$UID,umask=0007”
This is the command to mount your truecrypt-container/volume giving you the right to read and to write data!

After that follows the path to your truecrypt-container, for example /home/usr/tcvolume

and then the place where you want the truecrypt-container to be mounted. In Linux this can be any ordinary folder, so for example, just create a folder “truecryptvolume”, no you type in the whole path (e.g. /home/usr/truecryptvolume ), so that the whole command looks like that:

truecrypt -M “rw,sync,utf8,uid=$UID,umask=0007 /home/usr/tcvolume


(one line!)

Now you will be aksed for your user-or administratorpassword(sudo) and then for the volume password, if both are given correctly truecrypt will now mount your container.

By opening the folder “truecryptvolume” you will now be able to store your data encrypted.


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