Creating a Truecrypt-volume ( Linux )

Precondition: Truecrypt is installed

1.Open your terminal, then type in

truecrypt -c


truecrypt –create

2.Truecrypt will now ask you whether you want a normal or a hidden volume:

Volume type:
1) Normal
2) Hidden
Select [1]:

Normal is fine for a beginner so just press “Enter”.

3.Now the path for the voulme is asked:

Enter file or device path for new volume:

Just t ype in any path you want: For example: /home/usr/tcvolume

tcvolume then would be the name of the volume:

4.Now the filesystem:

1) FAT
2) None
Select [1]:

Just press “Enter”, nowadays FAT is also works quite fine under a linux-os,…

5.Now the size of the volume:

Enter volume size (bytes – size/sizeK/sizeM/sizeG):

If you want a 30 megabyte-container you type in 30M, if you want one GB, just type in 1G,…,of course there should be enough space on the harddrive…

6.Hash algorithm:

Hash algorithm:
1) RIPEMD-160
2) SHA-1
3) Whirlpool
Select [1]:

Pressing “Enter” is all you have to do…

7. Encryption algorithm:

Encryption algorithm:
1) AES
2) Blowfish
3) CAST5
4) Serpent
5) Triple DES
6) Twofish
7) AES-Twofish
8) AES-Twofish-Serpent
9) Serpent-AES
10) Serpent-Twofish-AES
11) Twofish-Serpent
Select [1]:

AES is a very secure and very fast encryption algorithm, so just take,…, it should provide more than enough security!

8. The password:

Enter password for new volume ‘/home/usr/tcvolume:

Is should be long and secure, a nonsense-sense is usually the best idea:

For example:

375 Dwarfs walk on the beach all day, playing volleyball, swimming and drinking beer. That is all they want to do.


Just make a bit more difficult:


This is a very complex password, but still quite easy to remember!

After entering the password a second time you will be asked for keyfiles, just press “Enter”

9.Truecrypt now wants to collect random data to make the key:

TrueCrypt will now collect random data.

To enable mouse movements to be used as a source of random data,
please do one of the following:
– Run TrueCrypt under administrator (root) account.
– Add read permission for your user to device /dev/input/mice.

Please type at least 320 randomly chosen characters and then press Enter:

Type in the 320 character and press “Enter”

Important: You should type in random data, so do not enter something like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, but “b$&/hnZgcj=3hJHGgöohfe44GJK”, “good random data” => “good key”, otherwise your key is worthless!!!


Volume created.

Congratulations! You made it!


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